Turn your grill into a smoker

welcome tennessee food lion to our dr. k's family!

Your grill can now do double duty - as a quality smoker!

Dr. K's Tenn Cans are placed on your grill to release incredible smoke flavor once they reach temperature. Superior food quality is the result. From the backyard grill to every campsite, a new level of outstanding flavor is waiting every time you grill. Where excellent food meets family and friends, have Dr. K's Tenn Cans always ready to grab & grill.

welcome food lion

For excellent grilling, right now!

Food Lion locations in Tennessee now carry Dr. K's Tenn Cans, making an already great meat department even more flavorful!

An Excellent Gift for your Grillmaster!

Where there's a grill, there's a better tasting meal waiting with Dr. K's Tenn Cans. Order several of our 6-packs as individual gifts! Each Dr. K's Tenn Can makes a delightful and clever stocking stuffer on its own!

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Variety Pack (6 pack)Dr. K's Tenn Cans  (4 Pack)Hickory 6 PackMesquite 6 PackApple 6 Pack


How is this SO GOOD?

That's the question you'll answer often when unique, genuine smoke flavors permeate every grill session - making friends and fans alike!

See all the flavors Grab the Variety Pack! (Just $12.99)


Tasty, portable deliciousness

Whether a state park campsite grill or just your own backyard with friends and family,  Dr. K's Tenn Cans make every grill a memorable feast.

Grill Safety Advisory

✓ This product is not for human or animal consumption.
✓ Do not use indoors or without adequate ventilation.
✓ Use protective gloves while puncturing can and placing on grill.
✓ Do not place on an uneven surface.
✓ Do not touch or dispose of a hot can.
✓ Allow the can to cool to ambient temperature before touching or disposal.
✓ Avoid inhalation of the dust or fumes.
✓ Per California warnings - dust, fumes and soot from combustion of this product may be harmful or cause cancer - reference www.p65warnings.ca.gov.