You Eat.
Others Eat.


Our living tribute to family

Dr. K’s home has been Chattanooga, Tennessee for over 20 years. 

Growing up in a small rural North Carolina community, Dr. K’s dad operated the classic small town country store.  Beginning in 1946, Kenny Tussey built their family store into the center of the Arnold community’s fabric. 

On the offer were the expected lunch, snacks, gas and groceries – plus good ole country advice.  When time and seasonal work brought stress to his customers, Ken offered credit so people could survive until the next pay day. 

This tradition of family and community support went on until Kenny’s passing in August of 2020.

In tribute to Kenny Tussey’s service to neighbors and community, a portion of proceeds from each Dr. K’s 6-pack will be donated to our local area food bank. 

As reminder of a life devoted to kindness and service, when you eat – others eat.  

~ Dr. K’s Tenn Cans