What are Dr K's TN Cans good for?

Dr. K’s TN Can Double Barrel Shotgun Smokers adds a great smoky flavor to all types of meats or foods!  Use it for grilling (gas, kamado, or charcoal) the usual - beef, pork & chicken or use it for grilling wild game like venison, turkey or duck! 

If it is cooked on a grill, Dr K's TN Cans will add a special smoky taste to your food!

Use a single Dr K TN Can for mild flavor or try the Double Barrel Shotgun (2 cans) for a hardy, robust flavor. 

Try mesquite or hickory flavors for a traditional, bold smoke flavor or try apple, cherry or pecan for a milder, sweeter flavor. 

If you really want a special flavor, try one of the wood combo’s like apple-pecan or cherry-pecan, which will make your grilled salmon taste like a 5-star restaurant! 

For a Southern smoky twist on an Italian favorite, try using a Dr K's TN Can for smoking a pizza!

Remember, the longer you cook with Dr K's TN Cans, the more flavor!